Kadir Caner Akdemir, Ph.D.

Instructor at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

I'm a computer scientist with a focus to understand what goes awry in cancer (epi)genomes


My current work involves computational analysis of how chromosome folding inside the nucleus is affected by the structural alterations observed in cancer genomes, and how gene regulation is altered due to these alterations. In addition, I try to understand the role of spatial chromatin folding and activities of diverse DNA repair mechanisms on the distribution of somatic variants along the cancer genomes.

In order to untangle the interplay between various facets of chromatin and gene dysregulation in cancer cells, I focus to develop computational methods which can adequately integrate and visualize different types of genomic datasets.


2013-2018 UTHSC – MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER, Post-doctoral Fellow

2008-2013 UTHSC – MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER, Ph.D. in Bioinformatics

2003-2007 Yeditepe University (Istanbul/Turkey), BSc. in Computer Engineering

2005-2008 Yeditepe University (Istanbul/Turkey), BSc. in Genetics & Bioengineering

2018 ASHG 2018, San Diego, CA

2017 SMBE 2017, Austin, TX

2017 Keystone Epigenetics, Seattle, WA

2016 Genomics of Common Diseases, Baltimore, MD

2016 Human Genome Meeting, Houstong, TX

2016 CSHL Nuclear Organization and Function, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

2014 3rd TCGA Scientific Symposium, NIH, Bethesda, MD

2011 MDA Center for Cancer Epigenetics Retreat, Houston, TX

2018 EC Cancer Research Award ($192.4K)

2016 Cold Spring Harbor/NSF Young Scientist Travel Award

2014 23andMe (Mountain View, CA) Genetic Photo Contest Winner

2012 Best Poster - MD Anderson Alumni and Faculty Association Graduate Student Award

2012 G&D Program Retreat Best Poster Award

2011 GSBS Travel Award

2010-2011 MD Anderson Center for Cancer Epigenetic Scholar (full tuition and stipend support)

2002-2008 Yeditepe University Deans Scholar (full tuition and life expense support)


Kadir C. Akdemir



A Python-based data visualization tool for integrating different data types with chromatin interaction matrixes.


Will be posting my experiences with matplotlib/python coding